A downloadable game for Windows

First: https://strawpoll.com/e9zg8bdc go and tell us!

This is an 3D Unity Roll-A-Ball Type Game That's a prototype. Go in the link up and vote for developing or not!

Install instructions

1. Install the file

2. Extract the files from the archive

3. Run the exe

4. Configure the graphics

5. Click play and enjoy!


Ball By You v0.1.zip 13 MB


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The basic physics seem to be about right, the wight of the ball affects the gameplay, but not too much. I could see a game like this having potential, with all kinds of tricks being used to make it more varied. If you're interested, you could maybe enter a more developed version of this (or whatever you decide to do) to our Game Development World Championship!

Hey thanks! If you want you can play my new game: JustBy! Have a nice day!

Nice day to you too!